Happy Mothers day 2017 Quotes and Images

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Happy Mothers day Quotes and Significance

Mothers day Quotes and Significance

Mother is the one who guides you to the right path, she is the one who always protects you, the only one how will never give up on you, and so to celebrate her love and sacrifices there is one day in a year that is devoted to her. That day is known as Mothers day worldwide. Most of the countries celebrate this day on a large level and appreciate the motherhood. Most of the people share multiple Mothers day quotes to honor mothers. We’ll discuss some of the most famous mother day quotes in this article.happy mothers day quotes

Mothers day quotes by Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is a well-known person from the past and he has a high regard for his mother. He gave all the credit of his success to his mother by saying that

“All that I am, or I hope to be, I owe that to my Angel Mother”

Mothers’ day quotes show a hope and love for mother. He hoped that even whatever he will achieve in his future even that is due to the love of his mother. Another quote of Abraham Lincoln also states that he is all because of his mother’s prayers. The quote is:

“I remember the prayers of my mother and they have always tracked me and will always remain by my side all my life”

Mothers day quotes by Leonardo DiCaprio

One of the most eminent actors of this age has a high regard for his mother. He considered his mother as a miracle by saying that:

“My mother is a walking Miracle”

This shows the importance of mothers loves in his life. Considering the existence of mother as a miracle means that, he is all because of the love and care of his mother.

Celebration of mother’s day

Mostly Mother’s day is celebrated on 2nd Sunday of May in multiple countries. Anna Jarvis is the one behind this. She didn’t have any children but for the sake of her mother she has done remarkable efforts in past to make this special for most of the mothers and has many mothers day quotes associated with her. She arranged a campaign and at last on 8th of May 1914, there was a resolution signed by the president which confirmed the second Sunday of May as the official day for mother’s day.

Another interesting fact is that on the second Sunday of May there are many mothers day quotes on flowers and purchase is about one quarter as compared to purchase during the whole year. This shows that people really take interest in celebration of mother’s day by giving flowers and gifts to their mothers. While the ones whose mothers have passed away, pray for them.

Importance of mother’s day quotes

This day has given a great importance in every nation. Mostly the date differs every year but the enthusiasm in people does not fade. The celebrations are made on a much greater level every year. Mothers day Quotes are shared among many people on this day. A lot of people write the famous quotes by the renowned people on the cards thy present to their mothers.

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